Accepted File Formats

There are a few "best practices" that we have found makes the process a little less labor-intensive for you as well as providing us with the best files the first time:

  1. Send High-Res Images For typical wide format printing (bus posters and billboards) use a minimum of 150 DPI at full size or 300 DPI if art is at half size.
  2. .TIFF, .JPEG, .PSD (Photoshop) Full Color Printing and Stickers must be in CMYK mode.
  3. .EPS, .PDF, .AI (Illustrator) Convert all fonts to outlines and include all placed graphics in CMYK.
  4. .INDD (InDesign) Include ALL fonts and external linked files. Stuff or Zip the files into one file and upload it if possible.

Sending Multiple Images

Using our File Upload System you can easily upload one image at a time, however, there is a way to send a bunch of images all at the same time:

  1. Create A New Folder
  2. - On A PC: (in an Explorer window) click "File", choose "New", select "Folder"

    - On A MAC: (in a Finder window) click "File", choose "New Folder"

  3. Drop In The Images
  4. -Find all of the images that you want to send and drop them into the folder you created.

  5. Compress The Folder
  6. - On A PC: Right-click on folder, choose "Send To", select "Compressed (zipped) Folder"

    - On A MAC: Right-click on folder, choose "Compress [folder name]"

  7. Visit Our File Upload System
  8. - Put our email address in the "friend's email" field on our File Upload System Website

    - Email address:info@morganlitho.com and Click Here to upload your file to us